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Digital Health Solutions and Technical Assistance to help your community thrive.

Pathways to Recovery

Process tools to offer e-learning and development of Peer Support & Coaching Professionals

Peer Support

1 on 1 and group peer-to-peer coaching & navigation. Automated conversation tools optimize communication. Action planning & tools for wellness, recovery, and community empowerment

Guided Referral

Individually tailored community wellness programs to serve population needs, connect local resources, find treatment, and improve health outcomes

How it works.

We provide digital health tools and technical assistance to integrate digital peer support.

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Technical Assistance

Partnerships to provide peer support integration services, development strategy, community activation and growth, funding pathways.


Integrated digital health solutions to expand access to support across multiple channels.

who we serve

We help Community Health Organizations offer pathways to peer recovery support and wellness programs.

Community & Faith-based Organizations
Community Mental Health & Spiritual Healing

Secure telehealth messaging and billing

Digital Recovery Tools & Resources

Improve Patient Outcomes

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Government & Defense Organizations
Veterans & Defense Personnel

Immediate support for individuals in transition

Tailored Health IT capabilities to grow community and civic engagement

Integrated care team and Guided referrals TM

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Higher Education
Collegiate Recovery Communities

Increase Student Access Through Virtual Navigation & Resources

Provide students with experience & career development opportunities

Improve Student Health & Wellbeing

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End User

We help patients take control of their recovery journey to have access to care unified results (Set goals ), while addressing your unique health risks

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We provide enterprise software solutions to enable your digital support.

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